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I'm just a Tgirl who is exploring sexuality through the art of captioning. I mostly do sissy captioning. I will also venture into male to female transformation

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Poll on this blog

I've decide to help me make my caption blog more interactive since I have 40 followers. That at near the beginning of each month, I'll have a poll up deciding the next months theme for my captions.

The three themes to choose from for the month of October are{drum roll please!( a drums rolls infront the screen) Oh, well I guess that works}; Bridal {captions of brides in different situations}, Holloween { magical transformations and costumes}, last but not lest School Related {Schoolgirls, classrooms, dances, proms, ext.}

here is the first set of this months captions



  1. I just discovered this bolg. It's awesome!!! k
    Keep the great caps coming. I've just started making my own caps at

  2. Poor males going into business nowadays! The little dears are NEVER again going to get promotions above being dainty obedient little receptionists or at most secretaries to the the New Breed of bold assertive and successful BusinessWomen.

  3. I like the concept of being forced to work as a secretaries. Running around with short skirts and aching feet in high heels. Secretaries have long nails, perfekt make up and hair because the boss (hopefully a woman) demands this.